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  1. Hey guys! So I thought that I pretty much had my mind made up about a BMW 328, but then I saw a Lexus IS250 on the road the other day and I was in love! LOL

    In your opinion, which is the better of the two cars and why?

    TIA:heart: !!! :yes: :nuts:
  2. You should post some pics! I have no idea about cars...but i can definitely tell you which is prettier! lol
  3. BMW is a classic. It's one of the best vehicles out on the road. There is no comparison between these two vehicles. My first and second vehicles were BMW's. I will likely purchase another in the future. I have a Porche Cayenne now that I adore (2 years old), but I will always love BMW. I never even look at Lexus. They are beautiful on the outside but their Engine doesn't compare with BMW......
  4. OH! That new Lexus is awesome! I have friends with both the BMW 328 and the new Lexus is250 and that Lexus is one of the nicest cars I've seen in that price range. DEFINITELY the Lexus, hands down! Lots more features, and the seating room is much bigger. No contest. I'm a fan of both BMW and Lexus, but in that contest, I highly vote for the Lexus.

    I'm a big Lexus/Toyota fan in general, I would drive an X5 BMW, but any other car I ever have has been either a lexus or toyota. Can't beat the reliability, you can drive them forever.
  5. have had the lexus rx330 and now have the gx470. love lexus.
    i actually just pre-ordered a bmx x3 for my next car though bc bf recently got a bmw and i love driving his car. had to have one.
    i love things about both lines, but they drive completely different.
    the bmw is a tighter, hugs the road, sportier feel. very fun to drive.
    the lexus is a looser, softer ride.
    bmw also has a wonderful all inclusive 50,000 ( i think) maintenance program.
    lexus has nothing of the sort and is quite expensive for even the most basic of service...not that you have to go to them, mind you, but def not covered.
    i'd test drive both and see which you prefer....:yes:
  6. I've had both. BMW is not was it was in the 80's. Loved my 325! But along came the Lexus.
    Everytime I test drive for a new car, I try the BMW. Rides like a truck. Never bothered me when I was under 40, now I can't stand it.
    Lexus is consistently voted #1 for consumer satisfaction.
  7. This is what I love about BMW. I had the 318i---years ago---my first car in it and then I had a 325...loved that one too. I really like the 760 now. However, I'm in love with my current vehicle. Not changing it for another year or so. I'm going to have to try the Lexus--test drive--to see what the hoopla is
  8. Ugh! I really can't decide!

    I have already taken the BMW on a test drive...I think I will go test drive the Lexus tomorrow or Tuesday.

    But then the practical side of me says to go and get something more reasonable, like a new Mustang...especially if I can qualify for the 0% financing...

    Ugh so confused :sad:
  9. I'm a huge BMW fan. I feel like Lexus is a bit "older", but BMW has something for everyone. As someone said above, the Lexus is a bit smoother and more chilled out, whereas the BMW is "luxury sporty" if that makes sense. Both my parents have BMWs and love them more than any other car they've ever had, and we'll probably get one when we get a car (we don't need one yet).

    Ultimately I guess it depends what you're looking for really: if you want to sail along the road in a smooth, classic ride, then the Lexus would be better, and if you want something sportier and that makes more of a statement and you like feeling the road, then the BMW is for you!
  10. LMAO at the comment that Lexus engine doesn't compare! Lexus IS made by Toyota, they have some of the very strongest cars on teh road. They require far less maintenance than most other brands and are less expensive to maintain as well.
    Check also for free maintenance, often Lexus gives a great sevrice plan.

    They CAN be compared and you should definitely start by going and test driving each one first.
  11. No comparision (Sorry to Lexus Lovers). BMW has a much tighter ride. I drove one of the Lexus SUV's (not the small one one of the bigger ones-forget the name) and then test drove the X5. The difference was huge. I literally felt like I was going to be blow off the highway with the Lexus. With the BMW it felt much more sturdy!
  12. Lexus! Ten times more dependable then BMW, in my family's experience. My Lexus has been a trooper, hah, especially given the # of miles I've put on it and its age now. Lexus SUV's I do not care for, but their ES, GS, and LS are all wonderful. I received the ES as my first car from my parents in high school, and my next car for graduation will be either a GS or LS.

    Plus, I think the interiors of BMW's are terrible; I don't even care for Mercedes very much and I'd take it over BMW just because the interior is smooth and sleek. But I still enjoy the Lexus interiors best! ^_^
  13. I just asked my dad, and he said a Lexus is a good car for people who just want to go where you are going, and a BMW are for people who like their cars as a second house
  14. oops..double post
  15. OK So the curiosity got the best of me and I just got back from test driving a Lexus IS250 and...I was disappointed! It is a gorgeous car but the BMW 328 (IMHO) drives better.

    Thanks for all of your advice! :smile:
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