1. Hey guys! As some of you may know, Im only 15, but Im starting to look at cars so I can figure out what I want. My price limit is around 20,000 so the cars will be used and several years old. I am debating between three:

    1) BMW 325CI


    3) MERCEDES C230

    What would you pick? And why? And if anyone has any of these cars please tell me what you like and dislike about them! Thanks!!

    p.s - Im not a super rich snobby daddys girl....We are selling one of the cars we already have; so please dont think that im some spoiled bratty girl!! Thank you!
  2. I like BMWs. However if I had a choice I would get a new car under 20,000. There would be less issues in the beginning.
  3. mercedes are horrible cars on reliability. I worked for Mercedes for 2 years and I've never seen one worth owning. you'd be much happier with a BMW. I like mine but I'm buying a new Mini Cooper here in the next month.
  4. BMW :yes:

    Break My Wallet :lol:

    I love BMWs.. i had one, but it cost a lot of money to maintain!
  5. I would go for a new car since it will probably have less issues than a used car. Although if you really wanted one out of the 3 you posted I would say the BMW since I drive one and I love it.:love::flowers:
  6. gosh these things depreciate like crazy. 20k for an 02 325ci convertible? that's a steal. anyways.. here's my input:

    if you're gonna do the C-class, avoid the v6's for both the years you've chosen, in that particular generation. they have a history of deteriorating like no other, and you'll be stuck in an endless cycle of driving a loaner car while it's getting serviced, and paying bills like crazy to get it fixed.

    the bmw is an excellent deal for what it is.. convertibles usually cost more because of it's extra sporty factor in the drop top.

    if you're thinking of trying to save your parents some money for insurance, go with the sedan. sedan, for a teenager is always way less than a teenager with a convertible, let alone a coupe. stick it out for about 5-6 years in a sedan and you can upgrade yourself to a coupe or convertible later when you pay your own insurance (unless you're gonna do that now anyway) but for way less cuz you'll have driving experience under your belt.
  7. oh forgot to mention, both cars cost a bundle to maintain, and if 20k is the budget, these days you can get A LOT for 20k brand new out the door all fees & titles included. also don't forget to include gas mileage and type into factor when choosing cars. you may not have to pay for gas, but i'm sure your parents wont enjoy spending $45-$55 to fill your tank every week with those cars (both bmw and merc would require the highest octane fuel)

    for more information on which of those to own, really, you should go to the appropriate car enthusiast site. is a very good and popular car forum to lurk around and look up information about the cars you wanna get. i was gonna get a c32 amg until i looked it up and saw all the problems that came with it, so i nixed it out of my list.

    also for bmw, is excellent.
  8. That car also has 69,000 miles on it. That's a lot of mileage for a 4 year old car. The maintenance on that car is going to be ridiculous.
  9. averaging about 1750 a year.. a lil above average. sounds normal to me though. but yea i agree it is a lot of maintanence.
  10. If you want to benefit your parents with lower insurance, go with a Honda, Volvo, Toyota, Scion, Volkswagen, or an Acura.

    Oh yeah, my sister bought a new fully loaded Scion TC for $21K
  11. I would recommend passing on both. This is my reasoning. The maintenance on a BMW or a Mercedes is pretty pricey--even for a basic "check-up." With that $20k, I'd buy a brand-new car that has a warranty and will probably have lower repair/maintenance bills. And probably lower insurance.

    Although the "status" of a BMW or Mercedes is nice, there can be a huge price. Plus, I go with my dad's "rule" of buying the highest end car "cheap" car you can buy instead of the lowest end "expensive" car you can buy, i.e. get that Honda Civic with all the bells & whistles instead of a "low-end" BMW or Mercedes--but that's just my thought...
  12. :yes: I agree.
  13. Ok :
    First of all, I WANT either a BMW or a Mercedes. You cant find those new for under 20,000. I would rather have a used bmw than a new toyota.

    Second, those links were just to show you pictures. I know a lot about cars, and my car will have low mileage.

    Third, my parents and i know maintnence and gas is expensive, but thats not really an issue. They just want the car to be under 20,000.
  14. That's what me and my coworkers were talking about. If your parents make you pay the insurance, you will be better off buying a brand new scion, or mazda, or honda civic. That's just my preference. I prefer new over used.
  15. Yep, Dad was right!:yes: