BMW 535i or Mercedes E class? Owners out there, help!


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Nov 2, 2007
Southern Cali.

After working hard for so many years and saved up enough, and driving my present car for nearly 9's fianlly time to get a new car and I am so excited.

I am looking into two options..either 535i from BMW or E350 from Mercedes....
And I like both of them! (They are such different cars though)and so confused....I am sure there are owners of these cars here in this forum and was wondering if I could get some tips from you!

Thank you~:smile:


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I can tell you this much. Megs and I have been test driving their smaller siblings extensively in the past weeks and we've come to the conclusion that the BMW is simply the better car. The quality of Audi is also very high, might wanna look at the A6.


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Apr 22, 2006
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I have had BMWs for years, and not only do they make a great car but the customer service at the dealership is amazing! So...I vote BMW. Oh, and also, BMW is a safe car, higher safety ratings than MB, especially head trauma. Laugh if you wish, but this is pretty damn important if ya ask me.


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Nov 2, 2006
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I wouldn't have a Mercedes, their quality control has gone down in the past several years.
yup. My boyfriend's friend is a Mercedes/BMW/Audi mechanic and he shudders everytime a MB is brought up in conversation. Im a BMW girl at heart so that gets my vote.


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Jan 27, 2007
Phoenix, AZ
OK, well I have experience with both a 745Li-and a535i(My SIL and BIL both owned one) and a S500(which is my current car).
Honest to god, the entire time my BIL and SIL had their cars, they were BOTH in the shop constantly. I have never seen cars that had to be in the shop like their BMW's. Whether it be the air conditioner one day and the radio the next, something was always going wrong. They had a lot of people say they BOTH had lemon's-but Im not sure how that explains my ex hairdresser's (x5??) BMW always being in the shop too, maybe they all had lemons? Ill give it to you, the new cars are amazing, and I would love to have a 6 series, but I am just too afraid I am going to get myself into something I cant get out of.

And my experience with my car, I have had a few problems with the lights, they seem to always go out and need to be replaced. I have replaced the headlights 2 times this year, and the tail lights had to be replaced 1 time this year, and 2 times last year, but other than that, I havent had any problems at all. Ive had my car since early 2005, it was a couple years old then('03 model), but it only had 7,000 miles on it (seriously!). I had it with absolutely no issues until the lights started acting up. I take my car into the MB dealership and they fix it with no issues, courtesy cleaning, courtesy fill-up, and a courtesy vehicle if they cant get mine done right away. Honestly, if I wasnt looking for a bigger vehicle(I want a SUV and I dont like the G wag or any of the other SUV's MB has to offer) I would get a new MB in a heartbeat!
Also, I think they are pretty safe cars IMHO. I will post pictures of my recent accident, I could have been hurt, but I wasnt and I have to thank MB for that, especially because I was on the freeway at a complete stop and the guy hit me going 45 MPH...
If you have any more questions, feel free to ask. Good luck with whatever you decide, and Im sure we all want pictures! lol

I also need to add that I am basing my experience in this accident and with this car on the accident I was in 2 years ago. Pretty much same thing, except I was at a red light, in a Chrysler 300-the guy hit me going about 20-25 MPH and the bumper absolutely wasted away destroying the tire and even messed up the hood! And that guy was going 20 MPH less than this last guy.
His car first, mine second...



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Jan 5, 2007
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To be fair, MB did go downhill for a bit around 2000...for a few years, but they've since brought things back up to par.