BMakowsky Cross-Bodybag

  1. Im notcompletely sold on getting it yet but I saw this today at Macy's and it seemed like it would be cute. What holds me back is:
    1) which color...I like the saddle brown, the red and the gunmetal though I really think Id like the red the best...I dunno. I wear mostly blue, black, green and gray tops.

    2) Im not entirely sold on the strap length. I would wear it partly normal and partly full length across my body, but the "normal" shortest length isn't short enough. Id like it higher up under my arm, more like how the ergo magazine tote would be.

    What are your thoughts?

    Should I get it or hold out and get the ergo? The size of this itself is great, just wish it had a shorter strap Ithink.

  2. WOMAN! How strange you should post this - I just got back from a shopping trip and there was a B. Makowsky Cross-Body bag at TJ Maxx in 'pepper' - or red, if you prefer. I so want this bag, but -. I have got so many bags now it's not funny! But it's only $79! RED! I really like the looks of it. I thought if/when the cotton part of the strap wore then I could take it to my leather guy and have him make a leather replacement...

    I'm kicking myself for not getting it... in fact, I think I might have to jump back in the car and go get it - . There was ONLY ONE.
  3. GET IT! Its like $120 in the same color at Macys!
  4. I GOT IT, ame! I am now in the process of making The Big Move from one bag to the other ... I love doing this, it's so much fun making everything fit into the new space, using new accessories or accessories I haven't used in a while - I'm gonna go sit down on the floor and curl up with my new handbag and play!
  5. YAY!!! Post pics!

    Im considering getting it and having a seamstress shorten the fabric strap. Or my mom if her machine still works.