Blvlgari perfume?

  1. which is your favorite one? I couldn't decide between them...I loved them all.
  2. Bvlgari Eau Parfumee au the vert (Green Tea) Extreme Spray is my favorite. I've been wearing it regularly for almost three years. It is a clean, fresh chypre that works well in warmer weather and for daytime wear. I layer it with the scented body lotion to make it last longer. The drydown is heavenly - it actually becomes kind of smokey/woody after about 8 hours. It is a unisex fragrance, and I'd love to smell it on a guy, too!
  3. my favorite is the original one:love:
    I have the green tea one as well, but prefer the original.
  4. what do think of the white tea one?
  5. I detected a bitter undertone in the white tea scent that did not sit well with me (I've got a very sensitive nose!). Otherwise, the white tea fragrance seems to be very mild, almost anemic, to me. I'm not sure how good its staying power is. Fragrance is such a personal preference that I recommend you try samples of each for at least an entire day to experience the entire fragrance from initial application to drydown.
  6. I like the white tea but it has almost no staying power and layer with lotion. My husband's asthma is triggered by perfumes so I have to go very subtle.
  7. I like the green tea one but it has no staying power whatsoever.
  8. My faves are Omnia and Black
  9. the original and Omnia.
  10. I like the Bvlgari extreme pour homme. It has a very delicate scent. for men though (as homme)... :p
  11. Omnia Amethyste :heart:
  12. Ive been using the au tu blanc body wash and it smells so good! I really smell it all day on my skin. It reminds me of a clean beach towel while getting out of a pool! strange I know, it just has such a clean smell too it like laundry detergent! loving it!