Bluxcape's really humble collection

  1. I barely got started on January of this year and I have more I want to buy, but here is what I have so far.. my most fave is the Ferragamo bag, because it is my first real designer bag (got the Coach bags last summer and was told it wasn't all designer)... some of the bags I have purchased from PF members.. waiting for others to arrive.. will post them as soon as I get them... btw, I am still hoping to get a Dior and a Chloe paddy in the near future.... that should just make my collection lots more fun.. btw, I have collected bags since forever, but not designer bags and my bf hates it so much.. he threatens to burn my bags if they had to require their own space when we move together..... Gosh, they r like my babies, so I need to protect them.
    DolceGabbanaCoachMJ.jpg FerragamoLVPrada.jpg MarcbyMJSpadeFendi.jpg MJKoobaCelineSpade.jpg
  2. colorful collection! very pretty!
  3. Lovely colorful collection! Thanks for the pictures!
  4. not humble at all! everything's gorgeous!
  5. I love the diversity....nice MJ bag. Love it. You are doing well building a great collection.
  6. great collection - you've a very good taste!
  7. I will be posting more as I get the pink gucci, the ivory/calcaire twiggy, and the black Prada bag...
  8. Love your MJ Stripe and Kooba pieces. Really cute!
  9. Great collection!!
  10. Nice deep color ferragamo bag. sweet color MJ bag. They are all lovely. Are they easy to match?
  11. I have not used most of these bags (I think 4 of them only) and coz I wear so many black slacks most of the time and colorful tops, no one has complained yet...heheh
  12. I LOVE your MJ bag!! LOL! Glad you are enjoying it!!!
  13. Great collection, I love them!!!
  14. Not humble at all Blu!! I like it very much!!:amuse: Now i know i'd be a great and lovely new mum for my baby blue Gucci....:love: :love:
  15. Very cute collection, it's so colourful !