Blush Stam is available on!!!

  1. Marc Jacobs Collection
    Patent Leather Stam with Blush Gift with Purchase $1,200.00

    Marc channels the modern vintage look to create this wonderfully sizable bag that's just right for spring. The demure quilted leather and frame shape is vividly brought to life with a chunky brass shoulder strap and a cute oversized kiss lock. In blush patent leather, available online exclusively at eLUXURY.

    Online exclusively at eLUXURY

    Receive a 3.4 oz. bottle of Marc Jacobs Blush perfume, an $85 value, as your gift with purchase while supplies last

    Quilted patent blush leather

    Brass hardware

    Gusseted frame with oversized kiss lock clasp; Marc Jacobs etched on one knob

    Rolled leather shoulder straps/handles; 6" drop

    Removable, long chunky brass chain link shoulder strap; 12" drop

    Outer zipped pocket with large brass pull with leather tie

    Taupe twill interior with zipped pocket

    Protective metal feet

    14" x 9" x 5"

    Made in Italy
  2. gahh i keep missing it--now i dont know if i should just be happy my chalk patent stam is coming from Barneys or hold out for a blush (which was the color i wanted slightly more than chalk in the beginning) =X
  3. the blush stam is my favorite, next to the black.
  4. Man! I love the blush color!
  5. Eluxury had 2 Blush Stam earlier, they sell out fast (just like NAP).
    Keep checking their site, the items could be sitting in someone's shopping basket only (very often). Hopefully, they will be released. =)
  6. Does anyone know where I could get a blush stam?? I've been trying to get this bag everywhere but they are so rare!!
  7. those bags are so hot right now. i saw an authentic one on ebay yesterday, and it was BIN'd within hrs. it was slightly below retail, the BIN ws $1175 i think.
  8. That was my bag...:shame: I only used it 2 or 3 times, and it just never grew on me and my DH hated it. He thought it was too "loud" (too much gold) Anyway, it did sell quickly so I went to LV yesterday and bought a Damier Alma- which my husband says is much more "me". I do listen to him... sometimes. :P I was sad I didn't get approved yet for the MP b/c I would have loved it to go to one of you!!
  9. hmm mine is supposed to come wednesday from eluxury in blush and the chalk is coming tomorrow from Barneys so i can see which one i will keep :smile:
  10. The blush stam is soooo dreamy! Whoever has it needs to post more pics!
  11. Ooooooh honey. Sweet bag. Never did like the Stam until I held it IRL. Love it! Thanks BL. You are awesome for keeping us in the loop.