Blush Stam at eLuxury!!

  1. They must have gotten some returns and been hiding them. I remember searching for this this time last year.
  2. Its very cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. would be better on sale!
  4. The blush stam is extremely rare and was only sold on elux and I've only seen one or two on eBay. It's so worth the 1200 dollars.
  5. I just checked and it's gone! I hope a TPFer got it. Was it you, elongreach???
  6. Wow that was fast!
  7. i can never justify a bag that is more than my rent :true:
  8. ^^I can! Sad, but true!!
  9. Not that I could have purchased it, but I just went to ELux to take a peek and they were gone already! Those are surely some gorgeous bags.
  10. Its gone! Someone is very lucky!
  11. I agree! Would have snapped it up, too. That's what I get for walking away from the computer to eat and sleep....I completely missed this thread.
  12. DAMN DAMN DAMN... LOL.... and I checked elux before I went to bed last night at 4am.. why couldn't they have put it up then?? I would have grabbed it in a second!
  13. It seems like it's back now! I was just able to put it in my cart and proceed to check out. But I didn't buy it, so one of you ladies go ahead!!
  14. I think it's gone for good! Hopefully it's one of the Pfer's? :shrugs: