BLUSH patent??

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  1. has anyone seen the blush patent flap??
    oh my, i saw one on ebay today, and the blush color is sooo pretty and feminine! :love:
  2. I saw one the jumbo one at the NM two days ago. It's look very pale mute blush right? I took a look at the color description on the Chanel tag and it said lt beigh!

    Do you have the link to the ebay?
  3. I saw it in the 225 size in Paris. It's real pretty.
  4. that is pretty.
  5. what a pretty color! is this hard to find?
  6. anyone have the style number?
  7. this bag/color is to die for ... :heart:
    is it from s/s 07?? would like to get one, but in smaller size ... i think this is a jumbo !!:confused1:

    love u chanel :love:
  8. I LOVE patent and that color is gorgeous! Thanks for the heads up on this color ;) as well as the ebay link.
  9. the pink colour is nice, but I dont think the patent is that special. I actually think it's too shiney and ruins the look of the bag.
  10. the blush is a beautiful colour, pity about the patent though =( I LOVE the colour of the bag otherwise.
  11. i agree about the patent, for some reason, it takes away from the color of the bag. otherwise i love the color.
  12. I saw this last week. It is much nicer in person.