Blush patent quilted elise

  1. Hi, I need your opinions, I have a blush patent quilted elise bag that I purchased from dept store during spring’06. I never carry that bag since I bought it, it has been sitting in my closet. I am thinking to sell it on eBay, do you think I can get a good price if I sell it on eBay ??
    Or I should keep it and not sell it....


  2. OMG, that's a really desired bag... if you sell it, you can fetch a price higher than most MJ bags do on the resale market. Beware though, there are several fakes so you will be competing with them to prove authenticity. Be prepared to provide tons of photos!
  3. yep, exactly what thithi said. i know a few girls on this forum that would hit you over the head when you weren't looking & run away with that bag if they could! it's very popular :smile:
  4. I say... if you're not using it - sell it! For the good of your wallet, and the girls on the forum! ;)