Blush patent medium classic flap

  1. what do you girls think of this bag? I'm thinking of getting it but don't know if I will love it when I see it IRL. anyone have this bag? what are your thoughts? TIA :heart:
  2. There is one on eBay (way over priced). Some tpf's have one and posted photos in a thread. I've read on here its more of a tan rather then pinkish color.
  3. thanks! if it's more tan than I think I will pass. The one on eBay was the one I was thinking of getting it but I was a bit hesitant about the price, although she is a reputable seller. besides, I prefer a more pinkish undertone.
  4. My friend has the blush, and it is really goregeous IRL. Its not super pink, but more of a salmon color I'd say. I love it and actually bought on on ebay from a UK siller for only 1950...I think if you are patient you can find one that is about retail. I know the one you are talking about on ebay, and its way over priced.

    Do a google search for it, and than the country sites for ebay overseas pull up, you may get lucky and find it there. I searched "chanel blush patent" and the UK sight popped up.
  5. i've seen it IRL and i think its a very pretty shade, a light salmon colour would be the best description i can think of! However my friend's blush patent is already starting to yellow a bit, which is why i've always been wary of lighter coloured patent anything!
  6. Thank you girls for your input! I am wary about patent leather bags too but it's just so beautiful. oh well, i think i'll just look for another flap. :smile::heart:
  7. Awwww, but it's such a gorgeous color! I think it's more like a muted but shiny yet saturated ballet pink. I don't see any salmon in mine. Definitely more pink, and not coral. It's such a beauty!
  8. It's definitely a gorgeous bag!! ITA about the price on ebay being high though... maybe she is amenable to a lower price though? I lucked out and found something very similar (and better for my skintone!) on ebay a while back... a small rose patent flap! :smile: So while some prices can definitely be high, every once in a while you find a treasure. :smile:
  9. I also have a blush patent flap and I wouldn't say the color is either tan nor salmon. It's a pink beige without any hint of orange (I think of salmon pink as peachy orangey). Very pretty & versatile! Mine is in perfect condition.. I think as long as you take care of the bag and don't expose it to strong sunlight, this color should last nicely.
  10. thanks girls! i just wish i could see the bag IRL.
  11. sounds pretty but not for the price...good luck whatever you decide.
  12. Its a very pretty bag but I passed on it because light colored patent bags are very hard to maintain. They can be prone to yellowing too.