Blush Patent Classic Flap

  1. Dear pfers :heart:

    I am very new to Chanel. I bought my first bag two years ago and have not make any new purchase ever since. Now, after joining this forum, I am itching to buy a classic flap and I fell in love with the blush patent. The jumbo is really too big for me, I know they come in medium...please excuse my ignorance... I want to know if they come in small? Thank you for all your help.
  2. The SA I dealt with said they only came in Medium and XL. I just purchased the medium. I also think the XL is too big for me. Give NM a call and have them check the system for you.
  3. The photo from eBay looks alittle pink. It is more of a cool pinkish beige!
    Nice neutral with a little color.
  4. Can someone give me the number of a NM that I can call that has this seriously desperate!

    Has anyone seen this recently???? Im looking for the medium size...Thanx a zillion
  5. Come on you gorgeous chaneloholics...anyoneeeeeeeee?
  6. elana from king of prussia has the bag
  7. Do you have her number? How much does the medium patent blush retail? Thanks ladies!!
  8. $1795

  9. whats king of prussia?

    I need to know what boutique or store I can find it from...thank you very much xx
  10. it's the Neiman Marcus in king of prussia...when u call the number i gave u, ask for designer handbags and then ask for elana
  11. It's $1795?? Wow, and the one on eBay went for $2299!!
  12. that was a jumbo....the one available was for a Med
  13. I tried calling and I think it's the wrong number.
  14. Actually the jumbo on eBay went for $2499. The medium went for $2299.