Blush Marcie ! I am totally in L O V E

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  1. Hello girls :flowers:
    loooong time haven't participated... i am a chanel girl but love looove Chloe as well .. i have a Bay and a bracelet bag ..

    after seeing the Marcie and Paraty i fall in love again :love:...

    last week i bought the blush Marcie from NAP .. she is SO beautiful, So Feminin and can't be more delicate and soft ... aaaaahhh and now i want the chocolate and the black ,,, :nuts: its a very beautiful & practical bag..

    here is a quick pic that i took while am at the office (1 hour ago).. so excuse the darkness, the color is lighter that this and it is the color that you can wear it with every single peace in your wardrobe...

    it is a medium size

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  2. when i have the time i will post pix in sun light .. =)
  3. Oh my!!! what a lovely bag! congrats!!!!!
  4. Thank you for posting, I saw the Blush Marcie on NAP and have never seen it in the store, I think you are the first on TPF to have or (or post anyway) about the Blush Marcie! More IRL pics would be great! That's the Medium, right?
  5. Congrats I got my first Chloe on Monday from NAP and its Marcie too :yahoo:
    I think it won't be my last
  6. Congrats Chanelle! Gorgeous and unique color combo -- enjoy your lovely new bag!
  7. Ooh AprilMay! You took the plunge! What color did you end up choosing?? :nuts:
  8. i spot that on NAP the other day and it certainly is a collecton piece to have:smile:
  9. Beautiful, beautiful!! :woohoo: CONGRATS!! Can't wait to see more photos. I have the exact same Marcie (same color) but in the slightly smaller version, with the extra detachable strap....and I am in LOVE! :heart:
  10. Gorgeous color, congrats!
  11. Modelling pictures! Please? :flowers:
  12. Congrats, this Marcie is beautiful.

    I want to order one on NAP too, but I'm worried about the size.

    Can you tell me the exact size of the bag ? Is it really 15"x12"x5" ? Because on the phone SA from Chloé tell me that it is smaller than NAP said.

    Thank you for your help. :flowers:
  13. Congrats on your beautiful Marcie in blush! I´ve ordered the same model - can´t wait to see it in real :yahoo:
  14. Gorgeous!! What a versatile year round color! Congrats!