Blush (lt beige) Patent handbag accessories? Are they out there?

  1. I just purchased a Blush (Lt. Beige) Jumbo Flap in Patent and I wanted to know if they have the matching wallet, cosmetic case, misc. case, keyholder, the same Patent leather or even if you have seen it in Caviar that sounds good too!
    Just a wonderin'
    I like to match up my access. to my bag sometimes!
  2. Here is a pic of my Blush (Lt Beige)jumbo Flap bag so you can confirm!
    janets pic's for the purse forum 003.jpg
  3. :heart: That's a great thought... I have the blush patent in a jumbo & would love to see a patent wallet.. :nuts:

    I absolutely LOVE that bag!
  4. I have the medium flap and I found shoes that match exactly at the Nine West Store. Basic Pumps and a Sling Back Pump. You may be able to look them up online!