**Blush** For The Jake Gyllenhaal Fans **Blush**

  1. 2006-08-24 06:00:02
    [​IMG] Jake Gyllenhaal is to play cycling legend Lance Armstrong in a movie about his life.
    The seven-time Tour de France winner let the casting choice slip during a conversation with staff at US sports network ESPN.
    Lance revealed Matthew McConaughey had been lined up for the role but the movie's producers decided to go with the 'Brokeback Mountain' actor instead.
    A source at the network explained to the New York Post newspaper: "Lance said that's why he has been spending so much time with them both this summer."

    Meanwhile, his former fiancée, Sheryl Crow, has revealed she still thinks about him every day.
    The 'If It Makes You Happy' singer and the athlete split in February this year, but the singer admits she is still struggling to get over him.
  2. I am glad it's not Matt Damon.
  3. Prada's Meadow - interesting news, thank you for sharing.
    BTBF - haha i :heart: matt damon he's such a hottie!
  4. [​IMG]:shame:
  5. Prada, shouldn't it be MUCH lower? :lol:

  6. Gracious me !!! O My !!! :shame: :sweatdrop:
  7. Maybe it's cold outside:lol:

    I still think he's hot!!!!
  8. ^ He's hot and because of that reason, I'll make an excuse for him. Maybe it is cold outside...:lol:
  9. I really do not get this American fascination with male celebrities' penis sizes. I saw that pic (and the other one of Matthew MC.) on a gossip blog, and most of the comments were like that: Ha ha, he's small... I am bigger. So what?! Not everyone, and certainly not every male celebrity, is super-well endowed or needs to be super-well endowed. I guess the fact that some (hot& successful) actor has an apparently smaller penis makes some internet losers feel better about themselves or their significant others.

  10. Also remember, "we shouldn´t judge the book by its cover" !
    (experience has told me that) Anyways ,back to the subject, he´s hot and seems pretty down to earth, and well,his underwears seem to reflect a free spirit:nuts:
    He´s in my TOP 5, maybe n.1 this week !
  11. :drool:
  13. It's really not that deep, he's still hot, just in good humor!
  14. LOL I wasn't expecting that!
  15. Well, well, I didn't now penis fascination was an American pastime. I get the feeling we can include many other nations of the world in this obsession.:rolleyes: