BLUSH: cream OR gel OR powder?

  1. Which do you prefer and why? I've been using cream lately - but might get back into powder. Do you find that one is more seamless than another?

    (be sure to add colors you like too!)
  2. Powder for me. I love the consistency and lightness of gel, but it's harder to blend IMO and I can't use cream because I have oily acne-prone skin.
  3. I like powder. I use Nars Orgasm :smile: and love it!
  4. A vote for gel here. I love how natural the right shade can look! I was using Tarte gel blush but switched back to my good ol' Clinique gel blush in Warm Glow. It really looks like you've just been out jogging (minus the sweat). Tarte was good but I found it too sticky for my liking.

    I go for powder when I'm on a rush though. Gel requires more of your attention 'cause you have to blend real well and there's not much of a margin for correction after it dries.
  5. Everytime I ask to try a cream or a gel, every SA has told me not to bother because that its not worth the time and effort and the only people who buy it are usually elderly women? So I've always done powder but..
  6. I generally use gel OR powder. I really like that new Revlon "Pinch Me" for the gel because of the fact that it doesn't dry out immediately when you put it on your face and seamlessly blends in.
    Powder I use more often though. It's easier. And doesn't stain your fingertips! :yes:
  7. I use all of them--

    Trish McEvoy Cream Bronzer
    Guerlain Bronzer powder
    NARS orgasm powder
    Tarte Cheekstain in DollFace
    Benefit Dandelion powder

    Just depends on the look I am going for...although I would say that the Tarte Cheekstain is my fav :smile:
  8. I use MAC powder...
    but i heard cream blush will be more natural however, im too afraid that cream is hard to handle and i would apply too much like a barbie i just keep on with powder!
  9. I use Chanel power blush, Its Wonderful!!
  10. powder for me
  11. I love the way Shu's powder blush seem to sink into the skin - but they're so darn hard to find (where I live in D.C.)
  12. I prefer powder - it's easier for me to apply. For dept. store my fave is MAC Sheertone in Dollymix. For drugstore I like Cover Girl Cheekers in Natural Twinkle, it's gotten the Allure readers choice award a couple of times I believe.
  13. powder for me, benefit dallas.
  14. powder for me - Nars Deepthroat. Ive tried different cream blush but they've never been as good.
  15. Powder, Nars Orgasm... it takes only 5 sec per cheek as compared to gel/cream where blending takes time.