Blush Brush Recs?

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  1. I need a new blush brush; my current one is starting to get a little ragged. Any recs? I would prefer something that is available at Saks because I have a gift card.
    Also, what are the pro/cons of slant brush vs round? I currently use a slant brush.
  2. I am currently using the MAC #129 blush brush. It has a rounded head. I prefer this brush shape because it gives a more natural-looking flush to my cheeks. When I use a slanted brush, it looks more contoured.
  3. I have a chanel blush brush and I love it!! its the round one also!
  4. [​IMG]

    I use Chanel blush brush #7. I got my second one recently off of eBay (authentic) for $16.99 shipped. :yes: I've used the MAC blush brushes but I didn't like them nearly as much as my Chanel one (and that's not just because I love Chanel bags).
  5. I like my Prescriptives curvilinear cheek brush

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  6. Trish McEvoy 2B or MAC 187 :smile:
  7. I use the MAC 116 Blush Brush, I love it. It's rounded, and applies blush in a more natural manner. I would use slanted brushes for contouring cheekbones and around the temples. I've also used the MAC 129 Powder/Blush Brush but the actual brush was a bit too long for my taste, and I think it would work better with powder or skin finish.
  8. I use the MAC 188 brush for blush.
  9. I use the MAC 168:smile:
  10. I use MAC 187 or 168
  11. I'm using Bobbi Brown's blush brush and love it!
  12. 187 is good for very pigmented blushes and I'm going to get an EDM blush brush because I have the flat top for foundation and it's very nice and soft
  13. I have the MAC 187, but I use it for powder foundation. I'm gonna try it with blush!
  14. I also have the Chanel #7 blush brush for a nice soft look. I believe the slanted type is more for countouring and gives more defined look so to speak.
  15. I use the MAC 168 :smile: