Blush Bowler

  1. I check Bergdorf's website constantly and a few days ago they started listing the Bowler in Blush so of course I ordered it right away! LOL!!!

    But, I thought Blush was from the Spring/Summer lines and as I haven't seen the color being sold at any stores for a while I assumed everyone was all sold out. Any opinions on why Bergdorf's is selling this color again?

    p.s. I can't wait to get it. It should arrive tomorrow!
  2. It could be a return or maybe someone stumbled upon extras in a warehouse, or something. Bergdorf's return policy is good, though, so you should be covered if there is something really wrong with the bag.

    Will you post photos when you get the bag? Blush is so pretty!
  3. Thanks tln! I appreciate your insight!
  4. Blush is a neutral pink color, it's very nice. It's soft & feminine -- not overly pink or girly. Let us know how you like it when it comes. =)
  5. Seems like they have more than one because it's still listed on the BG website. Very pretty bag.. Congrats! :yes:
  6. Gongrats! Post pics when you get it please!
  7. congrats for your purchase! Blush is my fave color of his new line after putty. Can't wait to see the pic.
  8. Thanks for all your enthusiasm for my new purchase!! She arrived yesterday and I couldn't be more happy. I think this may be my most favorite handbag!!!!

    Anyway, as soon as my DH can show me how to post pictures, I'll show her off.
  9. Glad you are happy with it. =)
    BTW, Blush Bowler is no longer on sale at NM/BG, it's $1075 again! =)
  10. congrats on the new bag!!! Pls. do post pics esp. a outside daylight pic if you can. :biggrin: i've never seen blush and wondering how it looks IRL compared to chalk.
  11. Thanks Madie! I actually found our digital camera this morning and asked my husband to show me how to use it. Hopefully he will have time in a day or two. We moved to our new house about a year and a half ago, and believe it or not, we never unpacked the box with the camera in it!!! LOL! Guess I was too busy shopping for handbags!:yes: