blush/beige shade - flap


Jan 8, 2010
Hi ladies, (and gents :smile:

I saw pics of the blush/nude shade of beige... the same one that allbrandspls just scored (that she had been searching high and low for). ("Dilemma finally over" thread.)

I had seen pics of it last year - it's from 09P.... I'd really like to find one too.
I think NM carried it, and I'm pretty sure they sold it out.
It's 21011 color, still called beige, came in washed caviar.
I'd take any size.

How could I go about finding it? Maybe impossible? Can anyone help me?
Should I just keep checking the bay, like where she got hers?

Thanks in advance!!
Jun 3, 2006
I know that one tpfer took the last one from NM in Feb.
They also made the GST in the same colour code , you might be able to find that quicker than a flap.
The 10C shares the same colour code and is more structured....found in Europe.
Otherwise it's evilbay.