1. I bought a Sienna Lush bag and send it back right away because it had a horrible quality: the leather felt and smelled like plastic and it looked cheap. I never ever order a Lush bag again.
  2. Thanks Tanja! They look so cute at Revolve, but as I've never seen one up close and personal, I'll stay away and save my $$ for quality.
  3. Rue- I thought you were talking about bags at Lush fashions (a design- inspired site)...seems like Tanja may have thought that too. I can't comment on the bags you refer to, but just wanted to clarify :smile:
  4. ^^^ That must be the case as I have a small evening Blush B-Lush bag and I love it! The bag is so cute, the leather is as soft as butter and the detailing is intricate! :love:
  5. Thanks ggk84 and betnyp. I saw 2 on Revolve that look adorable - the blue messenger bag and the small cherry Sienna. I'll let you know how they look when they arrive. Returns are free, so there's no love lost if they don't work out.;)