Blu's Retail Store *Canada*


Meet Poppy the Pug
Sep 18, 2009
So today I went to do some PCE damage and decided to skip the mall with MK and go to see my fav SA's at the old stomping grounds (southcentre coach, calgary) rather than going to the new coach store that is in the same mall as MK. I did want to see the MK store, but just love this coach store so much more than the new one.
Anyways, I was walking through the mall on the way to my beloved coach store, when in a store window I see the gorgeous ID chain MK bag in luggage. I stopped dead. It was for sure an MK. The name of the retail store was Blu's. I have walked by this store many times but never realized that more than half of the merchandise was MK clothing and accessories. I was pleasantly surprise. I LOVE his clothes and the coats in this store are all 25% off right now too. This chain has 4 stores in Alberta, two in Calgary and 2 in Edmonton. The SA that I spoke with said that the MK bags do go on sale occasionally. Also, the bags are the same price as the bags at the MK store.