Blurry Tokidoki Pirate Print

  1. Has anyone gotten a Tokidoki bag with a blurry print on it? I just got my 2 Caramellas today from and the front side of the pirate one is completey blurry. When my BF got his baby bag and showed it to me I noticed the back looked a bit blurry but he said he was okay with it. I was too involved with my own stuff in the store to even look at what he was picking out and now I'm kicking myself for it. I thought maybe i was today we get the caramellas and the pirate one is terribly blurry. I'm not sure what to do. Should I return it to pulsestl...should I write LeSportsac. It's unacceptable for the price they charge. Does anyone else have anything that's blurry??
  2. Nope. My Pirata bag from a LeSportsac store is not blurry at all.
    Sorry to hear that yours are! :sad: Is definitely an authorized dealer? You should return the bags to them and get a refund, IMO!
  3. My Buon Viaggio pirate print is from Pusle STL and it is good. I'm sure they'll take it back. They probably just didn't notice it.
  4. i would return it and either get a replacement, or a refund, depending on if you got a deal with it or not. Im sorry to hear that! Blurry like how? Like the print screen was off for coloring or totally smeared?
  5. Thanks girls... I'm definitely returning it when I tried to unzip it something is wrong with the zipper and it doesn't work properly. I spoke to pulse and they said they never noticed any blurry ones. It's so weird though b/c now we have two blurry items...I have 2 words for LeSportsac..Quality Control!!
    Pulse doesn't have any more in stock right now so I'm just getting a refund. I just can't imagine that there's only 2 blurry items and I have them both!! I'm sure someone else has to have something that's blurry. I just e-mailed LeSportsac to tell them about it but I'm sure they don't care.
  6. I'm sure my pirata isnt blurry at all, I think you should exhange it, tell pulsestl the pieces you got has blurry print.
  7. I wanted to exchange it b/c I used the 15% off but I couldn't b/c they're out of stock. They said they'll be getting some stuff in on the 15th but I only have 7 days to return it so I don't want to get stuck with it in case they don't get any more of those in.

    It's hard to describe, it's blurry like when I'm looking at it it's making my eyes water. It almost seems like when it was being printed someone moved the fabric, does that make sense? It's not in focus. It's not completely smeared you can still see what it is but it really bothers me.
  8. that makes sense. When you do screen prints, or the type of printing on the toki bags, it goes thru one for every color, it doesnt do it all at the same time. so like, it will do the blue colors first, run it back thru with the black, then red and so on. It must have been off. Im sorry! That sucks because i know how forward you were looking for these bags! Hopefully they will be good and refund you and you can extend the discount when they get them in??
  9. Really, they do all the colors separately? I had no idea.
    I know I was too excited...I was skipping back from the mailbox running ahead of my BF with them to open it first and it was so disappointing when I saw my adios star print almost has the pink latte, everything's cut off on there and then I saw the blurry pirate and I wanted to cry. I asked my BF what I should do and he said he'd keep the blurry one and I should take the good one we have BUT then I tried to unzip it and the zipper was broken that's when I knew I didn't have a choice. Maybe they will give me the 15% when they get them in again...we'll see. I'm hoping to get to a LeSportsac to pick my own out.
  10. I have all my items shipped to my gma's so I haven't picked it up yet. ill let u know when I get them tonight. I hope mine aren't blurry. that's sucks, sorry!
  11. From what others have said, they seem nice, they'll probably give you the 15% off.

    But now I'm really curious, could you post a picture of it?
  12. Sorry but I don't have a digital camera that I know how to use..hehehe. The one I know how to use is at my parents' in NY. My bf says we'll get it out and test drive it one of these days.
  13. can't you get an even exchange when they get more stock in?

    anyhoo, I'm sorry to hear that. I don't have any problems w/my gioco from pulsestl. I'm positive it's authentic, I actually bought another gioco from Metropark, that looks exactly teh same, except for the print placement. (which I am returning, since I got the pulse one for a better price) So I don't think it has to do w/authenticity, prob bad QC on Lesportsac's part. :yucky:
  14. I got my caramella's and my adios star one is okay. And the Pirata one is a little blurry but only on one side of it and its only in the upper part. Weird! Its not that bad so I'm keeping both.
  15. my pirata dolce isn't blurry