1. Does anyone have any scoop on Blur bags? These things were all the rage a year or so ago (Jessica Simpson was carrying around a brown Mail (messenger type) Bag). Now, however, they seem to be as popular as a Republican in Hollywood. Did the Blur people die or something? Maybe they sold so many of those bags that they bought a small island and retired there.

    Megs, Vlad? Somebody?
  2. I had purchased a Blur small messenger from Revolve. It was very disappointing - super thin leather and a bit too distressed. Seemed like it would fall apart after a few wearings. Sent it right back!
  3. Really?? Super thin leather ala Balenciaga or just cheap feeling? Can you expand? How much was it?

    I found a black (I really didn't want black) Mail Bag on Bluebee but now you're giving me pause...
  4. Super think as in paper thin/cheap. Not nice at all. Perhaps mine was defective but I wouldn't get one again.
  5. Excellent. Thanks for the heads-up. I was hard on the hunt for a casual, smooshy, jeans-and-flip-flops messenger bag but this one sounds like a bust. Incidentally, I settled on the Linea Pelle Double Dylan.