Blumarine dress sizing

  1. If I wear US2 normally, what size should I go for blumarine? 38? 40? Most of italian designer brands start from 36(some even at 34) but it seems like blumarine starts at 38 and up....and they say tey run slightly I am super confused!

    And this is my first time buying a Blumarine dress...and was wondering if I could get some help from anyone who own a blumarine dress!

    I normally wear 38 for other designer brands and they fit snug.....

  2. Blumarine 38 is approx a Dolce & Gabbana 38
  3. Blumarine sizing: 38=4, 40=6, 42=8, 44=10, 46=12.
  4. IME Blumarine runs small.. so my guess would be that the 38 would work but if it's a snug fit, you might have to do up 2 sizes.. depends on how tight you like your clothes to look & feel on you.. make sure you can return if it doesn't work
  5. Blumarine runs small for me - I take a 38 in their dresses but could go up to 40 for comfort.
  6. I agree with kat99 in comfort fit size 40 .For me the most important is bust area, so even I wear 38 prefer 40 and alterate to fit my waist .