Blufly: Authentic Bottega Veneta Received

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  1. Hi guys,
    I know that there has been some concern recently about the authenticity of the Bottega Veneta bags that Bluefly sells. I am happy to say that the black hobo that I received from Bluefly today IS authentic.

    Here is the bag that I bought:

    I received the bag today, and I immediately checked it very carefully, and it has all the marks (soft and supple deerskin leather, authenticity tag, light brown sleeper bag, authenticity cards) of an BV authentic bag. Plus, I have seen this bag in person at NM, so I knew what it should feel and look like.

    I'm really sorry that some of you have had bad experiences with Bluefly, but I can affirm that the bag that I received is, in fact, the real deal.

    Also, do know that Bluefly now puts security tags on their bags that you can't remove unless you decide to keep the bag. This is supposed to prevent people sending back fake bags and keeping the real ones.

    I hope this helps. I love my BV. It's my first! :yahoo:
  2. :nuts: :nuts: :nuts: I have been lusting after this bag!!! I certainly missed this one! Congratulations on your BEAUTIFUL new Bottega! Great score on Bluefly!
  3. I got an authentic wallet from Bluefly too!

  4. Congratulations!!! I have that bag in Poudre and just love it. Even the lining is silky-soft suede.
  5. very happy for you guys!! maybe i got the bad shipment :sad:
  6. Hi Marly,
    I think that Bluefly might have another one of these bags available. There was one in Ebano earlier this morning, and another black one was available today too. Keep checking because people put them in the shopping carts but don't go forward with the purchase, so the bags reappear throughout the day.

    It's a great every-day bag. The leather is TDF.

    Good luck!
  7. There are so many great BV bags on bluefly right now. I'm very lucky that the white Veneta they have is a med. and not a large - i'd be in trouble then!!!!!

    p.s. i-bags, why did you think your bag wasn't authentic?
  8. ^yes, I'm curious, too, i-bags, what about your bag caused you to think your bag wasn't genuine?

    CONGRATS, rox~ on your beautiful BV!!! Love that style!
  9. it was the underside of the handle that gave it away! as soon as i noticed that, and the leather - yes it was soft, but it didn't have that "look" of the bottega leather (was i being paranoid? it's hard to describe but when i saw the bag i wasn't like, WOW!!), and lastly, part of the stitching was sticking out (w/c i could have easily snipped). i never looked at the font since i didn't know the difference until i started reading threads here.

    hope this helps.
  10. i love that bag. congrats.
  11. You are so lucky! Congratulations!!!
  12. Whew - I'm keeping my fingers crossed for mine!
    Congrats - the BV deals have been great there!
  13. so glad to hear that about bluefly!! great bag!