Blufly again...

  1. Give it a try...hope it works.

    15% off* your next Bluefly order!

    Please use the following promotional code during checkout:

    Shop Bluefly Now

    *Offer valid for 2 weeks only. Valid for one time use only by a single
    user. Offer valid for first time customers only and requires a single
    online purchase of $100 or more. After promo code is redeemed on site it
    is no longer valid. Reductions will be reflected after the promo code
    is entered during checkout. Offer cannot be combined with other
    promotions, discounts, or promo codes. Reduced prices cannot be applied
    retroactively to purchases made prior to the start of this sale or to
    purchases made after the end of this sale. Promotion code not valid when using
    Google Checkout.
  2. Been used...
  3. won't let me use it.
  4. Hey, it would be nice if when a person uses these one-time-only codes, they post a "thank you, I used it" as a courtesy to the original poster and to save others the frustration of trying it...

    I realize that perhaps some people don't know that it's a one-time-use only code, though.

    Just FWIW ... I'm being a little testy today. ;)