bluenile vs. icestore...this looks like the same exact diamond?

  1. oh, the one on ice store is like $900 cheaper.
  2. btw, does the cushion cut with the large crown look BIGGER than a round with the same carat weight? or SMALLER?
  3. I don't know about Icestore or if they're affiliated with BlueNile, but I have found BlueNile to be reputable. It could be the same diamond if they're getting it from the same source, but there's so many of them, maybe just same specs?
  4. i suspect maybe it's the same source, because it's the exact same specs! icestore also offers money back guarantee....
  5. I would go with bluenile, they have been around longer and are more trusted.

    It is more than likely that they share the same provider of these diamonds, seeing as how diamonds themselves are extremely regulated.
  6. I never heard of IceStore, but I do know that Blue Nile has a good reputation. I think they're not the least expensive out there, which might explain the price difference, but jewelers often have a built in amount of play in their pricing.

    About the similarity of the two stones, I've recently done a whole lot of research on "what to look for" and noticed that the descriptions you've posted don't mention the cut's apparently important angles. All measurements could be similar, but if the angles are different the diamond has a much different appearance (sparkle). Wouldn't hurt you to give the vendors a call.

    BTW: I believe BlueNile is a pretty big operation and that they do a minimium of outsourcing, but I may be wrong.

  7. I've shopped with bluenile before. I'm very satisfied witht he purchases I've made.