BlueMD light therapy lamp?

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  1. Has anyone tried the BlueMD blue light therapy lamp for treating acne? I've researched different ones, the Tanda, Baby quasar, Ansr...but they all seem very expensive. I started getting acne at 18 and has become more severe over the years (now almost 21). I get chemical peels done monthly and my skin looks great for about 1-2 weeks after but then its back to acne again :sad:
    any thoughts please?
  2. I've heard mixed reviews about the blue lights; apparently you have to use them religiously every day or you wont see much results and some people complain about having to sit in front of the blue light panels for the alloted time. I had stubborn acne ever since I was young (like 12) but it was never terrible, like mild to moderate. This winter I found a laser clinic and got about 5 or 6 laser skin treatments and they helped loads. Also I tried Jan Marini products for "adult" acne (im 19) and the cleanser, bioclear lotion and benzoyl peroxide worked wonders. I never have breakouts anymore and the laser treatments greatly reduced my sebum production.
  3. Valjo, do you know exactly which laser skin treatments you got? Maybe I'm just not getting the right one...
  4. Well first I got a few IPLs from a random place but I found it wasn't doing much (I think the person was using a skin-rejuv head). Then I found my current laser clinic that does Isolaz - check out this link for more info :

    Also I got packages that combined a clinical facial with the Isolaz; basically the treatment sucks the gunk out of the pores so the laser can penetrate deeper. Luckily this was covered by insurance :yahoo: so make sure if you are interested you ask whatever place you choose what their policies are!
  5. I was wondering how did you get your insurance company to cover the Isolaz treatment? I m planning on getting this too.