Bluemarine or Valentino wool knit bag? Or other?


Bluemarine or Valentino?

  1. Bluemarine

  2. Valentino

  3. Margaret Nicole

  4. Other

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  1. I've been wanting a wool or cashmere knit bag ever since I saw this Valentino..

    Photos are attached.

    Pros of Valentino:

    -- If I can find it, it will be on sale for less.
    -- It's Cashmere!
    -- It's a more recognizable brand.

    Cons of Valentino:

    -- I might not be able to find it.
    -- It's small.
    -- The logo piece is logo, but it's kind of gaudy?

    Pros of Bluemarine:
    -- It's larger.
    -- I like the look of the white.

    Cons of Bluemarine:
    -- The part of the bag that's not wool is SUEDE!
    -- WHITE SUEDE!!
    -- The handles are even suede!
    -- It's somewhat more expensive and I'd wait until Feb. to buy it, which should be fine.

    Or is there another bag out there?

    Perhaps this bag.. Oversized Cableknit Bangle Bag in Heather Grey Wool - Margaret Nicole New York City

    Hmmmm I think that's what I'm leaning toward now.. What do you think?
    Bluemarine_Wool-Bowling-Bag.jpg Valentino_Cashmere-Flap-Bag.jpg
  2. i like the valentino :p
    personally i don't prefer white knit bag :smile:
  3. Have you seen the cashmere Valentino that is on sale at BG and I vote for the Valentino.
  4. i vote for valentino!
  5. Saks also has a cute Juicy knit bag on sale for $186.90

  6. I love the Valentino!
  7. OOOOOOOOO, I saw BOTH when I was searching for a knit bag. I actually ended up buying the Juicy Knit bag and I LOVE it! I also was a little more willing to spend $375 on the Juicy bag than A LOT more money on the others, especially the gorgeous Blumarine b/c I knew it wasn't something I would use all year 'round. The juicy one is VERY spacious, really nice detailing and harware, and sits comfortably on your shoulder or can be carried as a satchel. I :heart: it!!!

    I have the "Cafe au Lait" color (in the picture below & it's in "my collection" thread as well)