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  1. Yea, they are legit. You can get some discounts too... I think grechens closet website...
  2. They are totally legit. Just know that once you place an order they do not offer refunds only store credit in case you purchase something and change your mind or something.
  3. Any body know of any codes?thanks!
  4. I think they are awful. I ordered a gift for a friend there and it never came. When I called about it I was told that the item was on backorder until the end of the month. I wait and...nothing! I call again after the end of the month and am told it is on backorder even longer so I said to just refund my money. The lady who I assume was the owner or manager or something was so nasty and said they don't offer refunds. I said that I shouldn't have been charged until the item shipped anyways. To make a long story short I never got my scarf and had to threaten to report them to the better business bureau before she finally gave me my money back and told me never to shop there again!! As if I were going to. I have never been treated so disrespectfully and with such outright rudeness.
  5. ^^OMG!:wtf: I'm so sorry this happened to you!!:crybaby:That is terrible indeed...I have never bought anything from them in the past..I just thought they have a nice selection of LQ Scarves...oh well, maybe I'll get them somewhere else. Thanks for sharing, dear.:flowers:
  6. wow that is a HORRIBLE STORY! How dare they say to never shop from them again! That is the thing about blueheavenboutique.. they are SO strict about the no refund thing even if the item is on backorder. It is ridiculous. I will keep that in mind before I ever think of ordering from them again.. although I have a $100 store credit because of their no refund policy *sigh*