bluegenes gets started...

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  1. hi! i just posted these pics on the BV forum, but will post them again here and add to this thread as i take more pics....

    these are my newest acquisitions, the gorgeous BV lightining montaigne and the pink wallet in magnolia...

  2. Very pretty and it looks great on you!
  3. ^Agree! Great bags, great styling! Thanks for sharing!
  4. nice collection!
  5. Lovely Bottega!
  6. Hot!
  7. :okay:great collection!
  8. I really like your BV bag. It's very classy :smile:.
  9. Very nice. Thanks for sharing.
  10. looks great on you!! so pretty!
  11. Very stylish.
  12. adding on ... these are chloes i just got fresh off the net-a-porter sale! the mini edith i got for 476, best deal ever! and the whiskey edith wallet i got for 174!! (something like that...) so good!!

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  13. and here's a picture of my little collection, except my bottega... most of my bags are pretty casual, but i love them to death and use them every day.

    from left to right:

    top row -
    MbyMJ "Babe" tote in chocolate
    Hayden Harnett Suki Ladybag in saddle
    Kate Spade bag (?? old)

    bottom row:
    LV bucket bag
    Chloe mini edith satchel + wallet
    Kooba Elisha in blonde
    Coach (?? - was a gift)
    Longchamp bag (??)

    I love these bags :heart: !!!

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  14. Nice bags, love your new Edith.
  15. cuuuuute!