Bluefly's Return Policy Stinks!

  1. The only time I would recommend shopping with Bluefly is if it's for an item you know for a solid FACT you will not be returning. :yes:
  2. I am experiencing this right now. Bought a $500+ pair of Prada shoes before Xmas which were defective (would not stay on, because heel bed too shallow), so I had to return them right away. They got the return Dec. 29th and today, JAN 14th, they still have not refunded my credit card. I am beyond perturbed. I even called yesterday (Friday Jan 13th) and they said absolutely my cc will be refunded yesterday. But NO, still no refund. This is the pits. I mean when you order, they suck your payment immediately from your credit card and then have the nerve to take well over 2 weeks after date they receive them back to refund your CC? This company certainly has huge cohonas to treat customers this way, esp. since they have been known to sell fakes on several occasions. Cannot believe they don't have a better and more timely refund policy.:tdown:
  3. I don't shop with Bluefly anymore because their return process is such a PITA. Their prices aren't even that great, IMO, and their returns take forever to process. That, and they charge me shipping both ways when so many stores nowadays instead have free shipping both ways. They're just not keeping up with everyone else.
  4. I never got to the returning part with bluefly because I never bought anything from them. The first time I tried, the order went through but the next day I got an email from them that they had cancelled my order! My mailing address is a little unusual but no other company has any problem delivering to me. If they had emailed or called me to confirm it, I could have just explained it to them. I couldn't believe they just cancelled my order just like that, no explanation, nothing. I called them to find out and they told me the reason. I was so irritated by them that I never ordered from them again.
    And to be honest, their prices are not that great. They make it look like they are giving you such a great deal, but most of the time they are really not. The thing I almost ordered from them was a pair of Tod ballet flats. Just a few days later I found the same thing for a better deal with better selection from the Tod store in Manhattan.
  5. I despise bluefly

    There is no incentive for me to buy from them ever again. I'm charged tax shipping to return. I can't take the tag off the bag didn't look new anyway.

    I'd rather pay full price at Nordstrom in case there is an issue. I don't even look through the sales stuff anymore
  6. I wish I could have seen this thread before I ordered from them... :-s
  7. I am still just beyond livid at Bluefly. After another inquiry as to my refund that arrived back to them on Dec. 29th, here is their reply today, Jan. 18th, a full 21 days later:

    [FONT=Verdana, sans-serif]Your Bluefly return # retxxxfor order # xxxwas processed at our distribution center on 01/18/2012 to account (me)
    And yet here it is on the night of their message, and still no refund in my account!?!?!?!?!?! This is just too much. Can they be reported to a Better Business Bureau type organization?

    Where is the Bluefly rep that came on here when they were so syrupy apologetic about refunding for the fakes they sold????? All I want is a refund for an item they received back 3 weeks ago!!!! I have shopped at RueLala, Gilt, Outnet. Not a one of these places takes this long for a cut and dried, run of the mill - "this did not fit/work for me"refund. Boycott this squirrely place, people. I know I WILL NEVER BUY FROM THEM AGAIN.
  8. Called again today. STILL NO REFUND on my card. What is up with this horrible company? Even the rep admitted it had been WAY past the time for my refund. I would like to get this out there that their return service is this shoddy.
  9. can you file a chargeback?
  10. Still no refund (day 24), but they have sent a message that they will refund the $6.95 return shipping and offer me 10% on a future purchase. RIGHT. What in the world is up with this company?
  11. Yep. Chargeback time. :yes:
  12. I finally got the refund back on my card today, Jan 25. Almost one month later. :doggie: What a very, very long time for them to get it together. NEVER AGAIN will I shop Bluefly.
  13. I am going through this right now! They sent me a damaged bag. I called asap and shipped it back. Monday will be 10 full buisness days.
    It was on the site for sale the day they got it back. It sold 3 days later. Where is my money? I needn to pay my amex!!! So mad.

    Never again will I even look at thier site. I unsubcribed from thier email, still getting them though.
  14. Thank you for sharing this with us :smile:
  15. I had really bad experience with Bluefly too a few years back. I bought a Dior handbag and have it shipped to canada and chose their FEDEX International express service so that I pay extra for the shipping but saved the hassle of having to pay brokerage fee across the border. Yet when they shipped the bag to me, they used UPS standard and thus incurred a brokerage fee and I had to pay for it. I called them to complain and none of the CSR provided any help and told me that's their shipping procedure. But I even have proofs on my online receipt that I chose the International Express. So I complained to BBB and after half a year after I almost forgot about the incident, somebody from BBB sent me a contact person from Bluefly and told me to call her. She seems to be a very nice lady and willing to refund me all the brokerage fee I had to pay for. But did I mention, the handles on my dior were worn out that the some of the leather had come off? And the bag even came in tags. I wonder if it was pre-used!! That ****ed me off a lot and because I already paid for the brokerage fee and the CSR didn't give a damn about my complain, so I didn't want to go through the process of returning and losing the brokerage charge + duties, etc.. and risk of not getting my money back so I kept it. Anyways, it was an awful awful experience and I have never bought from them ever since. My first time and my last time.