BlueFly's Catch of the Day

  1. Is this a joke? Has anyone ever won anything except emails with a piddly 10% off? I, like a fool, have played this everyday. Just like I did that Dart Game. Am I really being a fool? And am I the only one playing?
  2. i got sucked in too, but have only won the 10% off. probably is the only real prize LOL
  3. Another fool here! LOL I play that game everyday as well and I have never won anything except for that 10% discount! Oh well, no harm in hoping;)
  4. I'd like to know too if anyone EVER wins besides the dumb 10%. Like a dummy, I do it everyday.
  5. Guilty! I play everyday too :smile: I've never won anything except 15% off either....:sad:
  6. Hmmmmmmmm, we all play everyday, and how many of us go on into the web site to see what they have marketing on their part. By the way, guilty................I play every day, and then go looking around in the web site.:lol:
  7. me too!! i only get 10%off and its sucky coz i never won ven in the last contest that they had
  8. Prizes: SEVEN (7) GRAND PRIZES: $1,000 Bluefly Gift Certificate. Approximate Retail Value (“ARV”): $1,000. NINETEEN (19) FIRST PRIZES: $500 Bluefly Gift Certificate. ARV: $500. NINTEEN (19) SECOND PRIZES: $250 Bluefly Gift Certificate.

    There aren't the many prizes to be won, so what are the chances that it will be a member of tPF?? Slim.
  9. I have played these bluefly sweepstakes for a couple of year already. I did the dart game, i did the underthe sea treasure chest game. I never got anything :sad:

    I play everyday AND have even sucked my boyfriend into playing for me too. nothing but 10% off coupons ... garbage. Hope someone from here wins so we know its not all a hoax.
  10. Another dummy here...I've played all their stupid games and never gotten more than 10% off. I get more when they give me a 15% "we've missed you" coupon:rolleyes:
  11. Bleh. The $1k shopping spree "fell" back today. I got a bonus free turn, though. :lol:
  12. I play everyday too, and have also only won the 10% off thingy. Its really irritating but yet I keep playing!
  13. Yeah, I've played too-but I think they are just sucking us in...I've had the $500 shopping spree twice but it always falls there's a surprise!:cursing:
  14. I play everyday! I never get anything but the percentage off codes. Blah! Yet, there I am spamming (tell your friends for another chance!) my friends and sisters just so I can have another go at it!
  15. Wasn't there a girl that posted on here once that she won a bag from one of their contests?

    I don't play their contest things anymore.... used to play but stopped a year or so ago.