Bluefly !

  1. Check out Lots of Hermes accessories !!

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  2. Yeah! There was a travel birkin in orange for sale for $7620, it was gone 3 mins after I just looked !! :nuts:

    Some other goodies are also gone QUICK ! I guessed they only have 1 or maybe 2 in stock !

    I'm quite suprised they carried Hermes ! and nice collection, too :heart::heart:
  3. yeah, they had that travel birkin in the advertisement-do you know how big the "travel" size is, by chance? TIA :flowers:
  4. I saw that too^^...things fly out!
  5. Here is the description:

    orange leather 'Birkin' weekend bag

    No need to pinch yourself! Hermés Birkin, the most coveted in the fashion world is only a click away from your arm... so get one and make life an absolute dream.
    • • Color: Orange
    • • Supple grain leather with silver-toned hardware
    • • Belting looped through sides secures flap with twist close clasp
    • • Comes with optional H engraved lock and keys
    • • 17'' double leather handles with a 4'' drop
    • • Silver-toned feet at leather bottom
    • • Beige herringbone fabric lined with single zip-close large pocket
    • • Bag measures approximately 20'' wide x 14'' tall x 9½'' deep
    • • Leather; France; style #2047436
    The original price was $8750 or $8800.. and it was priced at $7620, and with a 10% coupon, that's a really GOOD price !!!:nuts::nuts:
  6. What's the coupon??
  7. The coupon is:
  8. There are more scarves being added as people release them from their shopping carts.
  9. Thank you! :flowers:
  10. Don't like too many of the scarves on there. I tried on the enamel bracelet the other day at Hermes and it was more like a bangle on me. Too bad because there are some cute ones on Bluefly.
  11. I snatched a pink shawl... :yahoo:
  12. Ohhhhh, lucky you, tokyogirl!!!

    Just had a lookie loo and there are some wonderful shoes! Too bad none are in my size. Those of you with size 10 feet would be very lucky if you like the styles!
  13. Couldn't happen to a nicer lady! Good for you, TG! :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:
  14. I have heard of some people getting fakes off bluefly so it makes me a little apprehensive about buying an Hermes bag from them, I think some of these issues were posted on the chloe blog and/or the chloe sub forum.....I think it was an issue with a return having been a fake and resold, but it still makes me think twice about bluefly now.....
  15. I think they also had a problem with some fake Balenciaga bags too. I do wonder how that Birkin ended up on Bluefly.