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  1. I read a post on here suggesting that items purchased from Bluefly need to be authenticated. I thought that Bluefly was considered a reputable retailer. So what is the scoop?
  2. I have bought many authentic bags from Bluefly. Maybe they thought someone had returned a fake for an original.
  3. the bait and switch type deal is i think what went on there. buy real one return the fake kinda thing.
  4. I think they've pretty much solved that, though, with the tags they put on the bags and things- if you remove it, you've agreed you're keeping it, or something along those lines, and it can't be returned.
  5. Thanks! Glad to know I'm not totally out of the loop on who I can trust! ;)
  6. Good to know:tup:.Thanks!! I'd been avoiding them because I'd not known it was addressed and corrected.
  7. They seem to have corrected the problems they had with that.
  8. I remember about 5 years ago, they had a problem with fake Pradas. They didn't know they were fake - they were duped by their "source" - and took immediate steps when they discovered the problem.