1. Has anyone ordered from this site?? I want to place an order but i need some feedback. Are their bag authentic
  2. Their bags are completly authentic and a great value!! there are lots of threads about bluefly so you should look them up! It is a great legit site!!!

    good luck!
  3. ^^yep, got a prada wallet there not too long ago and it was in pristine condition..and authentic. Not to worry.
  4. I bought a Gucci Positano tote and a Thomas Wylde bag for really great prices, even having to pay duties on top of that. Look in the deals and steals for Bluefly codes for more savings.
  5. yes, it is real
  6. NOOOOO! I bought TWO chloe handbags from bluefly and they were both FAKE.
  7. Thanks to all, I just placed my order.
  8. you should definately get them authenticated before you take the tags off. I thought bluefly was legit and didn't think to authenticate the bags and took the tags off. Well, guess what? I was walking around with fake handbags for two weeks until I found this forum and began to question authenticity - and when I compared the bag to a bag from the Chloe store, it was definitely FAKE. Since I took the tags off, Bluefly wouldn't refund my money - I ended up disputing charges through my CC company and got back the money. But it took 6 months and I was really worried that I would have to sue.
  9. I've bought from bluefly, but only clothing. All the clothes were of good quality and authentic. However, I have heard of Bluefly selling fake bags. I dont know much about it, but I have heard from more than one source that Bluefly had sold fake bags in the past. I agree with the previous poster...have the bags authenticated and dont remove tags. Good luck!
  10. When did this happen? Because I read that Bluefly used to have a problem with fakes(from people buying authentic and returning fakes), but that they have now corrected the problem.
  11. Yes, have purchased a few Prada bags and they are 100% authentic!
  12. I bought a Balenciaga Besace in Mogano just a few days ago. I was so excited for it to come. Today, when I opened the box, I was heartbroken to find it was a tacky cheap FAKE. I packaged it right back up and called DHL to come pick it up. It is now on it's way back to Ohio. Please do get your bag authenticated before taking the tags off.

    I've purchased quite a bit from since 2003 & have never had any problems until today. I'm really sad as I was really looking forward to the Besace. :tdown:

  13. yes that was true, but the problem has since been fixed
  14. There was a problem with a batch of Chloe and Balenciaga bags that were fake, but everything else they have sold is real.
  15. If you look at the bottom of the bluefly website you will see

    ©1998-2007, Bluefly, Inc. | Bluefly (BFLY) is a NASDAQ SMALLCAP Company. ​
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Any company that is publicly traded on the stock market has to be legit.