1. I saw somethings on Bluefly that vaught my attention. I just have one question for those of you who have shopped there before. Do they include dustbags and/or boxes? :confused1:
  2. I got a dust bag with both of the Gucci purses I bought from them.
  3. Thanks for the info. ;)
  4. i got a hype from them and i think* a furla as a gift for someone else and both came with dustbags. i love bluefly, except for the fact that the returns are huge hassels bc they no longer use UPS.
  5. I got a Marc Jacobs and it came with a dust bag, but no box. I ended up returning it and it was no problem.They use DHL and included a return sticker. I called and DHL picked it up the same day.
  6. i dont think either one of my bags came with a box, not a problem for me, although no dust bags would have been a problem.

    i also had dhl pick up a return, but it was easier for me when i could just drop the return off at a UPS store.
  7. Same with me. I got a dustbag with no box. I also liked when they used UPS better. I hate waiting for DHL to come so I usually just pay for shipping back. The two things I hate is they sometimes will deduct return shipping even if you didn't use their pre-paid label and their returns take about a month to process.
  8. I have never received a box, but all the purses I ordered came with dustbags.
  9. Got a Kooba bag and Linea Pelle bag and wallet. No dustbags. A gift bag. No box.
  10. :tup:
    I received a dustbag inside my Linea Pelle bag. There was also a leather and thick paper tag attached to the handbag.
    Fantastic purchase!
  11. I bought a Botegga Veneta from them and it came with the dustbag and all accompanying tags/ info for resale if should choose to sell it. :smile:
  12. I bought a Bottega Veneta from Bluefly and it came with a box and a dustbag. Probalby because they know I'm a princess and deserving of such things, I guess:p.
  13. I haven't bought a bag from Bluefly yet, but I did just get two pairs of Frye boots (the same boots; just in different colors). One pair was in the original packing, with each boot wrapped in plastic; the other pair had obviously been tried on and was a return--the boot laces were open, and the boots weren't wrapped in plastic. However, both were new and in great condition, and they shipped quickly--in fact, the day I received their email that they were shipping the boots, I received them! Overall, I'm happy with my Bluefly purchases.
  14. Bluefly is awesome and while not all of their bags come with dustbags, they are all wrapped up really nicely and it is fun to open! (just like x-mas!)

    Good Luck!
  15. I just returned a medium Gucci canvas Indy to Bluefly. It came with a gift box, dustbag, and tissue. It also came with one side of the handle detached and the silver ring in the inner zippered compartment. And it also came with the security tag dangling from the detached handle. It was also an obvious fake. My first ever experience with Bluefly has made me really suspicious. Doesn't someone check the bag before it is shipped? This one wasn't. Now I get to experience the return process and wait for them to credit my $$$$. :wtf: The $400 savings? I'm going to Nordies next time.