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  1. I dont know if this is a repost but I've been checking out alot recently but I've never actually baught anything from there yet..Just wanted to know if its a good site and if everything is really authentic?
    Is it safe? Please tell me what you girls (or guys) think. thanks..
  2. I bought an authentic Black Double Gaucho this year from them; I got it for a steal too...$1000 after I used the 15% discount code I had saved from purchasing some Stuart Weitzman shoes a while ago.

    I have also bought authentic Balenciaga and Dior boots from their site, as well as, a pair of authentic Dior Sunnies.

    I know they had an issue with bbags a while back, but, as far as I know that got squared away and there was never any rumors of fakes of the other brands there.

    Hope this helps - if nothing else, you have 90 days to return a Bluefly purchase; provided you keep on "their tag". So, you can always buy and then post pics for us gals to authenticate. This is what I did with my Dbl Gaucho!

  3. I just read that forum you posted up nataliam1976, it sounds really messed up. They seem so bad at satisfying their customers...too bad though, because they have alot of really cute stuff. Especially their dior boots..I know that customer service there sucks now, but has anyone recieved FAKE items? because thats the thing that Im mostly worried about.
  4. I bought 2 dior bag from bluefly and I love them all. I called bluefly up and they're willing to accept the return no question ask if within 90 days timeframe. I like to purchase from bluefly because of the 90 days return just in case if you change your mind or if the item is fake.
  5. but thats what im worried about though, dont wanna end up getting a fake bag and going through the hassle of returning it..
  6. I bought a Gucci large wave hobo and a Dior Gaucho and totally love my bags! They were authentic and I had absolutely no issues!
  7. i've not purchased anything from bluefly, but have considered it, so i dropped their customer service and email enquiring about payment & shipping.

    unfortunately their reply was a standard form sort of affair and failed to even remotely any of my queries. i was pretty much put off by their customer service thereafter.

    just my 2p worth.
  8. I've bought 2 authentic bags, a Chloe Betty tote and a Gucci Britt tote.....both beautiful and definitely authentic!!
  9. Can you post the Gucci Britt b/c I purchased a Gucci New Britt from Bluefly and worried about authenticity. Thanks