1. i want to order a pair of boots there and want to try and apply some promo codes, but i dont see any place during checkout for me to enter in a code.. help please :sweatdrop:
  2. hi,
    if you are checking out for the first (do not have an account with bluefly), the promo code can be entered at the payment page. If you have an account already, you can do it before you submit the order. I hope this helps.
  3. i have an account, would it be even after the "place your order now--$$$" button?
  4. I just tested trying to buy a bag and in the "review & order" page, there is a place on your left hand side that you can enter promo code. This is where you enter credit card info, has billing and shipping info.
  5. hmm, i am on the 'review and place order' page and there is nothing on the left hand side?? this is how it looks: [​IMG]
  6. is it b/c i am ordering something that is 60% off so i cant use other promos?
  7. I see your problem now. Because you are using the "google" checkout, you can not use any promo code. In order to use the promo code you have to use the normal bluefly checkout.
  8. ohhh.. i got it now. thank you for your help~ i swear i'm usually not a computer illiterate.
  9. N/P. Glad to help!