1. Is bluefly considered a reputable dealer of fendi bags?
  2. I have heard that some pfers have purchased authentic FENDI bags from them, however that have a scarry reputation in the Chloe and B Bag PF areas and have sold fake chloes & not taken them off inventory when they are informed they are selling fakes. :sad:
  3. I believe they are authentic...I also think that bluefly was having problems with chloe cuz of people returning fake ones after receiving authentic bags...
    I wouldn't worry about authenticity too much...they have a GrEAT return policy
    I purchased a prada cosmetic case from them some years back and it's authentic!
  4. I have heard really mixed reviews, lots of good and lots of fake stories.

    For me even one fake is not worth taking the chance but everyone is different. I personally wouldn't use them as sending fakes in the past is enough to put me off

    Good luck
  5. I am in two minds about Bluefly but have to agree with Secret its quite a risk for such an expensive purchase. They have the Russian one on their at the moment plus a couple of the beaded ones, I think if I lived in the US I might take a chance but being in the UK could not order as to much of a risk
  6. Bluefly only sells authentic goods. I bought a Fendi a while back from them and it looks as good as new.
  7. Fastcat

    Sorry but I think you will find they have sold quite a few fakes in the past. If you search on here you will see numerous posts of people with their fakes.

    For me once a fake always a fake

    For such a high end purchase I would rather buy from legit stores.