1. Is bluefly considered a reputable dealer of authentic handbags?
  2. Yes, they are reputable.
  3. Try doing a search on here of BlueFly to learn more about it.
  4. I believe for the most part they have authentic stuff but they have had a problem in the past with Fake Chloes and another bag (was it Balenciaga?).
  5. I've never ordered anything really high-end from them, but last year they had a Kate Spade that I'd wanted for a while, so I ordered it. It arrived in perfect condition and is definitely the real thing.
  6. There was a post a few weeks ago about this in the Deals forum. Basically the issue seems to be they purchase the bags from resellers and don't do any checks that they are authentics so some are authentic and some are fakes.

    I generally find them a reputable retailer - just slow to ship, process returns, etc.