BLUEFLY - Win $10,000 Spring Wardrobe

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  1. So I went on Bluefly to have a browse and...

    A pop up came up asking me to spin a wheel to a $10,000 wardrobe or a selection of other smaller prizes.

    You can only have 2 spins a day - but if you reccommend friends, you get two more.

    I won a $30 discount, which is decent - but my past experiences with Bluefly havent been the best, so I wont be using it.

    I'll gladly take the $10,000 store credit if I win it though :tup: and it will ALLLLL be spent on bals naturally!

    But anyway - thought I'd share the love - hopefully someone from TPF wins something decent!

  2. By the way, if anyone is purchasing anything from Bluefly let me know and I will give you the discount code...

    There is only 2 weeks to use it - so someone may as well take advantage if I'm not.
  3. Played a couple of times under different emails.

    I think this comp is open to US residents only... POO!

    Anyway - for anyone who wants them here are the winning codes - they can only be used once, so first in best dressed!

    $30 discount codes

    $15 discount code
  4. To be honest, I think the wheel is rigged -- perhaps to hit certain winning panels on a certain day, at a certain time. I mean, there are 12 slices, 7 of which should allow you to win something. That's pretty good odds. How is it that so many people are spinning and they're not even getting one of the small prizes (not counting the coupons)? Just my opinion.