bluefly this morning

  1. there seems to be a black Giant Besace shoulder bag, a mahogany part time rh tobacco Day rh
  2. Ooh the day is gone

    Thanks for the heads up :tup:
  3. are you interested in the day?
  4. i have it in my cart in case someone on tpf wanted it- while i also think if i should go for it :smile:
  5. if you want to buy it i will release it for you- just let me know
  6. Are the codes a thing of the past? Thanks for the heads up!
  7. Thanks so much for the offer, but I have to pass as I'm waiting for a new credit card to arrive, after having to cancel it because my details were stolen :cursing:

    Thanks again!!
  8. I notice their retail price on the part time, regular hardware is completely off! They've got it marked as retail $1645, Bluefly $1316. Thanks, but no thanks - I'll buy it from Neiman's for $1295 instead!

    I emailed them to let them know. It's obvious they used the retail price of the giant hardware part time instead of the regular hardware.
  9. I noticed that too! They are really oblivious of the differences :rolleyes:
  10. I just bought the white GGH city last week from them. It was authentic and new, but the leather was almost matte, no shine. I love the white GH, but I love the shine on a new Bbag. I know some Bal fans don't like the shine. If you are one of them snatch it up when the return gets back to them. The customer service was great. Fast shipping, well packaged.
    I've seen bbags at Saks with less shine too, and its usually the older styles. I think the shine must wear off naturally with time.