Bluefly takes only credit cards?

  1. Does bluefly only take credit cards? I wanted to pay with debit..
  2. Ususlly as long as it has Visa/MasterCard logo it can be used as a credit card. I do this all the time as I hate to use credit for "frivolous" purchases.
  3. Thanks for the quick response! I had something in my cart and am about to impulse shop lol.
  4. Sweet, hope you get it!!!
  5. if your debit card has a visa/mastercard logo then it can be used as a credit card. the amount will just be debited from whatever account it's hooked up to.

    just like in a store... they'll sometimes ask you "debit or credit?" and you can use your debit card but say credit and then you won't have to use your pin number. some machines somehow automatically know it's a debit or credit tho (not sure how)