Bluefly Sucks!!

  1. I ordered the black bowler that Prada Phycho has, was so happy to get it, they had a special save an additional 10 percent day, had a 10 percent code, I was so excited, I ordered it right away! I came home from work and this was in the box, not at all what I ordered. I called them and they said o well , just ship it back , it happens some time, so I dont get my bag I wanted and I have to take time to ship the bag back, has this ever happened to anyone?
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  2. Wow, that does suck sj!
    While I love the bag you received, I certainly would not be happy!
    Did you talk to a supervisor? I find some of the customer service people very helpful and some not so.
  3. Never happened to me but I've heard its happend to others, hate it when they mess up. I'm sure if you contact them they will fix it..let us know what happens!
  4. I've only ordered from Bluefly twice and this hasn't happened to me...however, i do fully expect to get what I ordered, so hopefully they were really really nice getting you what you want!
  5. i've heard they have a lot of issues at bluefly.
  6. Be aware that if you return to them you must specify how you would like your refund to be issued back. I ordered a prada bag, did not care for it and sent it back. After no refund was issued on my cc I called bluefly. They were apologetic and explained unless you specify you want a cc adjustment they will issue you a bluefly store credit. After they promised to issue it back to my cc they still did not. It took more calls and finally an investigation from my cc company to get the credit. This was over the period of at least 2 months.
  7. I have ordered from Bluefly four times. The first time my order was canceled due to their inventory. All the other three times my experience is positive and pleasant. I returned one of my purchases and received my cc credit within a week.

    If Bluefly screwed your order, just send it back and indicate how you want your order be credited. You could chat with online rep and tell them what happened. They might will issue you another higher discount code to make up the mistake they made.
  8. I don't see any pics. :confused1:
  9. aww!! Sorry that happened to you!! I've ordered lots of stuff from BF and have never had any probs...have returned stuff too w/o any probs must be the luck of the draw...
  10. Yep, sometimes they make mistakes. Thankfully I only got the wrong pair of shoes once and they offered me a credit for shipping them back. It happens, especially in a high-volume warehouse. I hope you get the right bag!
  11. Shoot sjunky... I'd be pissed. You wait and wait for that special bag to arrive only to get one you didn't order. Ugggghhhhhhh! :hysteric:Can they get the one you wanted and ship it to you w/the discount to make up for the mistake???