Bluefly sent the WRONG purse! :(

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  1. Does anyone have experience with Bluefly? Thanks to a TPF member, I got the heads up on the hard to find Amazon Green Nikki. My package arrived today - and it's a Seaglass mini Nikki! I'm embarrassed to say I am heartbroken, and since there aren't any more their site, it can't be exchanged for the correct purse. I am also very very irritated with Bluefly - did they just grab a similar color and hope I wouldn't notice? Is there a chance they will comp the shipping fees? Ordinarily I wouldn't fuss over $15 ($8 to ship here, $7 to ship back) but given their mistake and my humongous disappointment, I want everything I paid back. Seriously I am like, devastated. Probably I am overreacting.

    In other news, if anyone sees an amazon green Nikki please PM me :smile: TIA
  2. The same thing happened to me a couple of weeks ago. I ordered the Sky Blue Nikki and was sent a Pool Mini Nikki. I called them and they did refund both shipping charges. Sorry you had to deal with this too!
  3. Bluefly's customer service is great. Give them a call and I'm sure that they will do comp those shipping charge for you. Its their fault so its only fair that they not charge you for their mistake. I'm sorry about your experience but hope that you find your bag!
  4. my mom is going thru a problem with bluefly right now, well more of a problem with shipping from bluefly....i will tell her to read this thread maybe she has some info
  5. Thanks everyone. This is my first order with Bluefly, I wonder if this happens often.

    Did you have to do anything special other than call them to get the full refund?
  6. In my experience Bluefly can be wonderful or deplorable. It's kind of a crap shoot. Some times the service is wonderful and the bags are great and other times it can be the opposite. I paid 1400 for a Chloe bag once that arrived crumpled up like a dishrag and thrown in a box. But once I ordered a LP bag and it came beautifully wrapped and perfect in the little blue shopping bag.
  7. ^ i agree lexie... but i have never had a problem getting things fixed. i will say they are very accomdating and nice to deal with.

    as for sending the wrong item, i am not suprised. using random old pics and color names is not a new thing for them. you can pretty much bet if you come across an outdated or hard-to-find item there, it is a newer stlye/color that is listed incorrectly.

  8. I called and told them that the item was not as described, and asked if all shipping costs could be refunded, b/c if I never would have ordered if it had been described correctly. They told me to send it back and then call when I got the email saying that they had received my return, and there would be a note on my account. I didn't have any problems. They refunded the shipping immediately, even before the return of the bag was processed.
  9. I've had nothing but problems with Bluefly! I ordered from them 3 times and each bag had something wrong with it. The last time was the worst, they sent me a dirty bag that had red pen marks on it. I kept an eye on their site to make sure they didn't post that bag back up after I returned it, and guess what, they did! I called them immediately and told them they better take it off their site and that they better not try to sell it to someone else. I really LOVED that bag and was heartbroken to have to return it. Needless to say, I will never order from them again!
  10. Well, the plastic bag that the purse was enclosed in, while beautifully packaged inside another shopping bag and tissue paper, had a label on it that was labelled " amazon". But it also had a long brown hair (not mine). I just wish I could get an exchange - I guess I can enclose a letter so that the next person doesn't end up getting the wrong bag.
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    I've had so many problems with Bluefly! I think their CS sucks.
    Look on your receipt or order and see what the SKU number is. Match that to the sticker on that plastic bag that the bag shipped to you in. That will tell you if they sent you the wrong item. It could be that they simply used an old picture for your item. I think they ship items out based on this individual SKU number so it might not be a case of them grabbing the wrong "green" bag but that they made a mistake when the classified the color. Each of their luxury handbag/wallet items has its own SKU number. Even items that are the exact same color and style. I think it is for their inventory.

    For example:

    A friend on mine returned a Gucci wallet that had a small flaw on it and they put it back onto the website for sale. I wanted to buy the same wallet style and they had 2 of the same wallets for sale. I wanted to ensure I didn't get the same wallet so I asked her for her SKU number on the one she returned and I bought the other one that had a different SKU number. They were the same color and style but marked with their own SKU numbers. BF has SKU and Style numbers.
  12. you're certainly not the only one! I ordered an elsa peretti open heart lariat necklace (with pearl drop) from one of Bluefly's recent jewelry estate sales. I did not receive the item that was pictured when I ordered - instead, I received the regular Tiffany&Co heart lariat necklace. I contacted CS and had to return the matching earrings as well, b/c I didn't want one without the other. I do have to say that the CS was accommodating, but only after I asked for my promo code to be credited towards the remainder of my order that I was keeping. (I didn't want to lose $ for their mistake!) I received my refund and the $ back for the promo code, and had no further issues.

    But here's the kicker - one week later, after they received my return, they had another Jewelry estate sale (im assuming this one consisted of returned items, b/c the selection was scant). What was up there but my returned earrings and necklace... and yes, the necklace was STILL described incorrectly, with the wrong picture and all, after I had informed them of their mistake.

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    I've had a few problems with them as well. I ordered a 2-piece bathing suit and only the top arrived. They didn't have the bottom anymore (?), so they told me to return it and quickly received a credit.

    The second problem was with a return. I returned 2 items and they only credited me for one item (of course, the less expensive one). Thankfully, I didn't use their shipping label, returned on my own, and had insurance on it as well as tracking. Once I gave Bluefly all that info, they did credit me for the second return, but it really scared me from ordering from them again. I haven't done it since.
  14. rainrowan
    It was not an label - it was supposed to be an " amazon green".

    Yep, the sku numbers all match, so it wasn't a wrong pull - just a wrong description. It's the wrong size, wrong color, wrong hardware.

    I called them today and CS was really nice, even though she did talk to me like I was a 3 year old. It was kinda weird, but at least it was taken care of. Looking at the bright side, this frees up some $$$ that can go towards a royal Nikki :smile: