Bluefly sent me the wrong bag

  1. I am so disappointed. I bought the work bag with giant hardware in truffle from Bluefly. And when i opened the box it was a hobo bag with giant hardware in truffle. And when i called the customer service, they told me that the bag that i wanted is not available anymore. They are very unprofessional.
  2. I'm really sorry this happened. Someone else here had that happen, except she ended up with a pair of fuzzy boots! It's really frustrating because unlike a regular store, they usually sell out of their stock and there's no chance for an exchange.
  3. IMHO Bluefly sucks!
    this is like the 4th time i've heard a story like this. it's almost as if they just throw stuff into a box and send it out.

    i'm so sorry for you. someone's probably wondering where their hobo is!:cursing:
  4. That really sucks! You wanted a Truffle Work not a Day! Is your heart set on Giant hardware? Your chances of getting a Truffle Work are greater with either classic or giant hardware.
  5. A classic Bluefly story... it has happened to me twice and both times the items I wanted were out of stock :tdown:
  6. A bunch of us just ordered bags from Bluefly yesterday and today. We'll see how many of us actually receive the correct bag. It seems that they really need to better organize their warehouse and order fulfillment process.
  7. Yes - I saw that two of you got sandstone hobos so I'm crossing my fingers that they actually had two in stock!!!
  8. Diabro has a Truffle work.. i am not sure how the price compare to bluefly.. but if that is what you really want..

    Does anybody know how much Bluefly was selling their GH Work for??
    Thank you!!
  9. I recived the GH Partime in Sandstone from Bluefly today, and everything looks correctly so far, smells good, feels nice!... I snagged it for my sister (partner in crime)... knowing she was looking for a partime. I'd think I'd keep it if she didnt want it~!.. the GH stands out a lot~! But, Bluefly sent the correct item so far... hopefully they keep that up!! :tup:
  10. Congrats on the GH Part Time~!!
    Post pictures please? Especially one with you wearing the bag.. :yahoo:

    Can you tell me how much Bluefly listed the bag for?
    I just want to get a sense for their price on Balenciaga..
    Don't really want to stay up late refreshing the website if the price is not that great..
  11. If i can remember correctly $ 1330 w/ and addl 15% off code so that came out to 1100 somthing. Which is great because retail its around 1600 somthing. Hope that helps ;)
  12. Make that three. I'm hoping I actually get this bag - I looooove it.
  13. well, well, well. Chanel - You got my bag and I got yours!! I ordered the truffle giant hobo and received a truffle giant work. I sold the work. Did you send the hobo back? I'll have to keep an eye out for it!