Bluefly semi-annual blue sale

  1. When they refer to the "biggest sale of the year" Bluefly typically is not referring to discount percentage but the sheer volume of items being placed on sale. I rarely see them go below 20% perfect additional discounts unless the item is on clearance.
  2. I think you're right, Clake. Bluefly never seems to have any really "blow-out" prices. They're always about the same.
  3. Bluefly doesn't seem close to having as good deals as the department store's seasonal sales.
  4. You sure have that right. A lot of stuff I see at Bluefly for 20-30 percent off was about 60 percent off at the end of season department store sales.
  5. They also mark up their prices so it looks like your getting a deal. The shoes they have on sale are almost near retail.

    I only order from them when they have additional markdowns and I have a good code.
  6. W:cursing: atch out for Bluefly. I am still waiting for a credit for a bag I returned in Dec.
  7. Oh, no wonder the bags I liked were around the same price whenever they claimed was marked down by xx%. Even this biggest sale of season they are the same or about the same as the 20% off email ads. I guess it is time to unsubscribe their mailing list...
  8. I unsubscribed from their list a few months ago after I noticed the same thing.