Bluefly Rubbish

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  1. So I placed 2 orders on Saturday on BSFLY and it got approved and eveything. Expected it to be shipped on Monday. Got an email, hoping for tracking number but it was to tell me that my both orders have been cancelled because the items are out of stock. WTF?

    Called them up and the reps are total nut jobs. Rep one was ''Uh, I dont see why it was cancelled, I am seeing it available in the inventory'' So I ordered it again and it cancelled again . Anyone had this issue?

    Not to mention they have no clue as to what goes on in their warehouse!!!
  2. I'm sorry to hear that you had a bad experience with Bluefly. I, among numerous others, have always had an amazing experience when ordering from them. In addition, their CSR's have always been very friendly and have gone out of their way to accommodate me. Bluefly has a staggering inventory, so I'm not shocked that their reps aren't 100% aware of what is in their warehouse.

    Perhaps you should try phoning them again to explain the situation.
  3. Sorry to hear about this. :sad: I am an avid customer of bluefly and have never encountered a stock issue. Since they have limited stock this doesn't surprise me. Two people can possibly check out for the same item at the same time. Maybe that's what happened in your case.?
  4. It's odd that they would have cancelled the order twice when you were told they have the items in inventory... Could there perhaps be a problem with your method of payment (i.e. your credit card was declined for some reason)?
  5. ^^ don't see how someone telling the OP that the item was out of stock equates to their CC being declined...

    However, if the service @ bluefly is as good as you all indicate, perhaps OP maybe you should try to call back again and speak to someone else?
  6. ^^ OP was told by Bluefly that the item was in stock and they didn't know why it would have been cancelled.

    I've had it happen before where my credit card company has put a fraud alert on my card and an order was cancelled because of that. It took calling my company to figure out why my order had been cancelled. So that does happen.
  7. There was a pre authorisation on my card for the two orders, and the email they sent me stated that the item was out of stock but when I called the reps said they are seeing the items as instock, I did this twice. I dont think its a problem with payment because this is not the first time I purchased from them and seeing that my card was authorised I highly doubt it. Even if it was a payment issue they should have said that and not send an out of stock email. I purchased the items at Saks so no worries now.

    Thanks for your replies
  8. ^^ FYI, when I had the issue with the fraudulent charges on my credit card, it lead to me getting an email that said the item was out of stock. And I had purchased from them many times before, so it wasn't an issue with a new card, etc.

    It's good that you ended up finding the item someplace else. I just always like to warn people about potential warning signs for credit card fraud, because I've had it happen to me twice, and it's a pain to deal with, especially if you don't catch it immediately.
  9. Sorry that happened to you, what a bummer.
    Their stock numbers on the website must not be real-time, i.e. they are not in-sync with their warehouse. Could be discrepancy in their warehouse inventory too, who knows.
  10. I just ordered a pair of Roger Vivier from them...they are gorgeous...i hope i won't get an email saying it is not in stock...:sad: that would be a bummer.....:cry: