Bluefly; Rose Leather Coin Purse

  1. sold out already!
  2. I have one in my cart. It is $236. If anyone wants it, let me know so that I can release it for you.
  3. I'd get it, but I'm waiting to get a clutch after my finals are over. :smile: Why doesn't Bluefly ever have those, darn it? *prays for Barney's to empty their stock into my cart*
  4. release
  5. Ooohhh.. I can see the rose coin purse now! Hurry... someone get it!
  6. got it. thanks becca..
  7. Awesome! ;)

    If anyone sees the black purse style, please grab it for me and save in your cart. Another PF member just received confirmation a few days ago on her return so I am dying to snatch it up.
  8. oh I missed this! If anyone sees another will you please hold it for me and pm me? Thanks!
  9. if i decide not to keep it, i'll let you know.
  10. thanks TheItbag!! And congrats:smile:
  11. DSC01627.JPG

    let me know. otherwise i'll just return it.
  12. Cute, but looks different than the bluefly pic.

    I'll pass but maybe someone else wants it?...Any metallics lovers out there?
  13. How much was the black purse on bluefly? Was it a real discount? Does anyone know the retail of the Planets/Boobies as well?
  14. I saw a camel/tan purse on bluefly and the price was something along the lines of $800, I know with the 15% coupon it was around $600